Hoaxs and Rumours
Writen by Manic Man
A Collection of Sonic Rumours and simple Hoaxs that have been around for a while and the truth about them.
Dreams Come True
Writen by Manic Man
Information on the Band 'Dreams come true' how were linked to Sonic right at the Start!
Richard Jacques
Writen by Manic Man
Information on Richard Jacques, the guy that composed soundtrack for Sonic 3D (Saturn Version) and Sonic R.
Don't Kiss Just Talk
Writen by Deborah Tate
Kinda interview but more artical writen bit on Right Said Fred doing the Sonic 3 Advert. Oringally Published in STC
LittleWoods Restaurant Flyer
Writen by Manic Man
An Competition flyer from Littlewoods Restaurants in 1994 where you could win a Master System Mk2. Scanned and a lot of clean up by Manic Man