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-- How do i read older news?
Just scroll to the bottom of the news page. You will then see a number of page numbers. The most up to date news post is on the first page, at the top. The father back you go, the older the news will get.

-- How do i add a Comment?
Due to lack of use and possible spam attacks, you can no longer add comments on news stories. If you wish to talk about them, please use the message board

-- How Do i vote on the Poll?
To Vote on the Poll, click on the circle box next to the answer you want to vote for and then click 'Vote'.

-- Where is the Poll?
The Poll will be inside a news item. After that News item gets pushed down the list a bit, it will probebly be reposted so it is easyer to see for new commers or people that don't want to scroll down the news updates. There isn't Always a poll and sometimes, there will not be an Active poll. When you vote on it, it will say it is locked and you can't vote. Don't worry, there will probebly be a poll once every few months if you really want to vote on one.

Game Information
-- How do i find a game?
When you go to the Game Information page, you will be given a list of consoles, just click on the name or image of the one that features the game you are looking for. At the bottom of the page, you will find 'Others' which is for games that don't fit on the above consoles, 'Guest Stars' which will feature any game where Sonic or friends have guest starred in, and 'Canned Games', which feature games that were cancled at different stages of production. This canned games are also in the section for which ever console they were meant for. Once you have chosen a console, you will get a list of games, just click on the one you want to view information on.

-- How can i tell a Canned game?
A canned Game with feature a little 'can' image next to it and will be in the Canned Games section.

-- How do i view character information?
If you hold hold the mouse pointer over the character's name you want to view some info about, a Small box will appear with the Characters Name, Race, First Apperance, Designer and small image. If you click on the Characters Name, you will get a fuller information on the character along with a bigger image and more detail.

-- How do i view Badnik information?
Like the Character information, you can view basic information on Badniks by holding the mouse pointer over the small image of the Badnik when looking at the information for the game. The Information will tell you what Games that Badnik has been in, what levels i can be found on, What is name is and a small image of the Badnik. You can also click on them to view a bigger image, more information and even triva!

-- How can i view Boss Information?
Put the Mouse pointer over the small thumbnail of the boss in the 'boss Guide' section of the games (once you have selected a game) and you will see the boss's name, which game they were in and which levels. You can also click on the thumbnail to view more information on that boss including what type of boss it is, how to beat it and even a video clip showing you how to beat that boss.

-- Why is some information missing on some games?
There is alot of information to go for every game, some information (like Release dates in some places) can be very hard to find out, sometimes the exact date is lost. Manual scans and game Credits take time to work on, as well as boss Information, Level screenshots, Badnik information and other items. We hope to get as much information up as possible and are updating the site all the time so if we don't want some information you want, why not let us know via the address on the Contact page. We will then do our best to find that information and put it on the site for you as soon as possible.

-- Some of your information is Wrong!
If you think, or indead some of our information is wrong, please let us know. We will do our best to correct it or, if it is infact correct, we will explian why our information is correct.

Online Games
-- The Game Gear Games don't work
The Game Gear games play via a Java applet which wasn't made via TESP, but was put up for free use. IF you have a problem, first try updating your computers Java software at If that doesn't work, then i'm afaird we can't help you any more.

-- The Flash games don't work
To Play the Flash games, you will need a free copy of Shockwave Flash, which you can download at

-- How to do find an item?
There are two ways to find out information on items via the Merchandise section. You can either use the Search engine to search for items by keywords, or look in the merchandise page by searching via item type.

-- How do i get more information?
If you find an item, click on the image or the item name to go to a page with more information on the item. I may also feature more information, related downloads, Reviews and other items in the series

-- Your Information is wrong/I have more
We put in alot of work to make sure all the information is correct, or atlest, as much as we know. If you have more information on items on the site, or not there, or you believe the information is wrong and you have the correct information, please let us know via the Contact page address or the Contact Form.

-- Where can i buy this stuff?
Most of the items in the Merchandise page are old and getting older all the time. Your best bets to find it are second hand shops, car Boot sales or Auction Houses/Sites. It is also possible to find some items via the TESP Amazon Shop, but these are mostly newer items or more common ones.

-- I've seen an item going for a lot of money, is it worth that?
Most of the time, No. An item is only worth the amount of money that someone is willing to pay for it. I have seen a number of items which might be rarer but isn't worth much cause no-one wants it, I have also seen some very common items being sold for well above what anyone else is selling it for. sadly, some people happen to have alot of money and throw it around, which means people ask alot of money for stuff that isn't worth it, and it becomes hard for most people to get hold of them. Also, some people hord alot of stuff, just to make money for themselves.

Help Not here?
If the Help you need is NOT here, please e-mail us at:
ManicMan8 at hotmail dot com (remember to replace the 'at' with @ and 'Dot' with .) and we will do our best to help you and then update this page to help others in the future.