Sega's 16-Bit console that is a front runner for Longest Running Console. Includes games for Add-ons MegaCD and 32X.
Sega's 8-Bit Console that out sold the NES in most countrys, other then America.
Sega's 8-bit HandHeld Console. Most of the games for the Master System were out on his and Visa Visa but there was still a large number of Games ONLY for the Game Gear.
Sega's 32-Bit CD Based Console. While never getting to the level as top CD Based Console, it did its base with a number of well known Games.
1949-Still Going
A number of Sonic games have been created for or ported to PC platforms.
192X-Still Going
Sega's Oringal Computer game field of the old Arcade machines. A number of Sonic games were released on these over the years.
1993-Still Going
The Sega 'learning' Computer console that was had a limit run outside of Japan, yet it is still going in it's homeland.
1978-Still Going
Tiger Electronics are the company that do most of the little handheld LCD Games, including a number of Sonic ones.
Sonic has appeared in many Formats that aren't limited to Computer based games.
Sonic and crew had appeared in roles in Games outside of there own.
Games that never made it to being released
The increasing graphics and power of java ME has lead to Mobile phones with the power of a Megadrive.. and this has been used.