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Sonic The Hedgehog title Screen
Sonic The Hedgehog US CaseSonic The Hedgehog UK Case
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic Team
Europe-25 October 1991
United States-25 October 1991
2D Platformer
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Sonic The Hedgehog
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
Johnny LightFoot [Pocky]
Porker Lewis [Picky]
Sally Acorn [Ricky]
Joe Sushi [Rocky]
Chirps [Cucky]
Tux [Pecky]
European & American
Catch Dr. Robotnik!
Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the mad scientist, is snatching innocent animals and turning them into evil robots! Only one tough dude can put an end to the demented scientist's fiendish scheme. It's Sonic, the real cool hedgehog with spiked haircut and power sneakers that give him super speed.

Help Sonic fight hordes of metal maniacs with the Super Sonic Spin Attack. Speed down rolling hills and leap over dangerous booby traps. Then splash through the chilling waters in an underground cavern. And if you're lucky, you can warp to the Special Stage where you spin around in a floating maze! Your greatest challenge lurks in a secret lab where you come face to face with Dr. Robotnik himself!

Spin through space, loop 'till you`re dizzy, save the animals and become the super hero. Be Sonic! Be atomic!
From:- UK & US Manuals
Each level has 3 Acts
Green Hill Zone
1) Green Hill Zone
2) Bridge Zone
2) Bridge Zone
3) Jungle Zone
3) Jungle Zone
Labyrinth Zone
4) Labyrinth Zone
Scrap Brain Zone
5) Scrap Brain Zone
6) Sky Base Zone
6) Sky Base Zone
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Sonic The Hedgehog Score
* This Game was ported from the Game Gear Version
Other Releases
Release date:- Unknown
Area: -Brazil
Company:- Tec Toy
* Pretty much the same as the Master system release else where, with small changes to the cover, like the Cart size and Tec Toy Logo
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