Fan Projects- Submitting Guides
To Submitt your Fan Project, please first read the following guide lines-

) Your Project must be Sonic Related in Some way (Fan Characters do count if Sonic like etc)
) Your Project must NOT feature anything that would be above a class '15' rating (Using the BBFC Rating guidelines)
) Your Project must be active and work must be done in some form
) Projects should have some 'REAL' work in them. No Redubs
) Projects should be legal
) Project should be Classic Sonic related in some way

If your project meets the following, then please send the following information to Manic Man 8 @ Hotmail . com (remove the spaces)
) Name of your Project
) Name of the Creators/Co-creators (not everyone in your team, like Voical actors, just the creators)
) When something to do with your project was first released (Example- first Episode). Just Year needed
) A Website your project can be view at
) What type of project yours is (Example- Game, Comic, Animated). If it follows into a wide range, please use 'Mixed'
) What the age rating of your project is via the BBFC Rating guidelines
) A Brief Description of your project so people know what it is (if type is mixed, please state types in the Description)
) A Title image saying the name/logo of your project and characters etc. Will be displayed at 320x224. If your image is bigger, it will be resized and/or cropped.
) Three Preview images of your stuff IF possible. No 'press-shots', just screenshots, covers etc. Will be displayed 96x72. If your images are bigger, they will be resized and/or cropped.

We will put up your project as soon as possible. If you would like to keep us informed on new releases from your project, we will say about them in the News on TESP's Main page.

We look forward to enjoying your projects!