1939 - Still Going
Archie Comics has been going a very long time and after the success of there Sonic Mini-series (based on the Up coming 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Cartoon) they kept on going strong.
1878- Still Going
An inprint of Egmont Books, Fleetway published a long running Sonic Comic in England which featured a number of writers and artists that have gone on to or had fame at the time in there fields.
Popular Young kids Magazine Shogaku Yonensei, ran a Sonic the Hedgehog Series starting in 1992 about a young Hedgehog Nicky Parlouzer, that could become the Super hero "Sonic the Hedgehog".
Semic Press AB were the Sweden Translators and publishers of Archie Comics 'Sonic the Hedgehog' line.
1953 -Still Going
Bastei is a german Company that did a version of Fleetways Sonic the Comic in germany, translated and with some new features in handy, but not very good, pocket book size.
Tournon Egmont is a branch of Egmont (possibly bought out by them) which printed the French version of STC.
An at present unknown company (probebly part of Egmont) Printed a Dutch version of STC.
Rizzoli Egmont was the italian company that printed their version of STC
Much like the swedish version of Semic, this was a translation of the archie comics, this one from Norway

Different comic and short stories by different companies.