Sonic the Hedgehog In the Fourth Dimension Cover
Sonic the Hedgehog In the Fourth Dimension
Martin Adams
Novel Series
Virgin Publishing LTD
No. Pages
192 (178 Numbered (Does Not include non-story pages))
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Check out the second in a brand-new Series featuring the world's most popular Hedgehog

As part of his latest plan to rule Mobius, the dastardly Dr Robotnik is sending his robot back through time to change history.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Guardian of Mobius, hero to all and all round cool dude - intends to stop him. Hopping onto one of Robotnik's time machines, he zooms into the past. And that's when his troubles really begin.
It's not Johnny,' Tails Said, 'But he says he's a lightfoot clone, whatever that is.'
'Clones are like copies, grown from the original. Like seeds. I'm a Type B,' boomed the rabbit. It looked like their friend Johnny Lightfoot, with the same sleek grey fur coat and floppy ears with black tips, but it stood a good head and shoulders taller than either Sonic or Tails, and had bulging muscles to match. Sonic toyed wit the idea of asking it to raise its foot so he could check for a copyright mark, but he could already see one on the intricate and very heavy engine that it was carrying.
'Type B?' asked Tails.
'B is for big, brawny and brainless,' the rabbit replied.