[Between 1983 & 1990] - 1996?
English Publisher Fantail (Part of Penguin Books LTD) released a Series of Sonic Adventure Game Books as well as the odd other Sonic related Book.
1970s- Still Going
A Company that has there hand in everything, Virgin released some Sonic Novels in England.
1915- Still Going
Ladybird are a long running English Book company with a long record of doing kid aimed books. They have even done a few Sonic ones aimed at the younger readers.
1942- Still Going
Golden Books aim at young kids and early readers in there books and released a couple of US issued Sonic Books.
1958(appx) - Still going
Troll relesed a number of US issued Sonic novelletes aimed at childern. They also released the odd other Sonic book.
There has been small ranges of Sonic Books done by a number of companys over the years.
1939 - Still going
Archie Comics have started to release Trade Paperback collections of there older Sonic comics and they are showned here.
?? - ??
La Sirčne printed two Sonic books, one comic and one guide.
???? - Still going
Grandreams do alot of UK yearbooks/annuals and it only made sense for Something like Sonic the Hedgehog to get featured in there collection.
???? - Still going
Ravette release alot of Trade Paperback collections (reprints) and did two Sonic collections of Early STC stories.
19?? - Still going
BradyGames is a small running US Game guide making Company that do many of the American style game guides, a number of them for Sonic games over the years.