Hoaxs and Rumours
There are a Number of Rumours and Hoaxs to do with Sonic. But which ones are true and which are false? Here we will do our best to answer that for you!
All Rumours we have been present here are looked at and research is done to find out the truth or most likey truth behind it. We will say the statues of the Rumour. If we have proven it false we say that, if it might be true but 98% or more chance and things say it is False, we well tell you etc.

Archie Changed Princess Sally's Name to Amy Rose because they already had one.
Sorry, a bit of a trick in the title here... For Some reason, When Sonic CD was ported to America they changed Amy Rose's Name to 'Princess Sally'.. The only reason i can think of right now is to try and cash in from the New SatAM show (which had a Princess Sally, who in alot of earlyer work is pink). When Archie Comics was doing there Sonic CD story, they changed her name BACK to Amy Rose because they already had a Princess Sally (Princess Sally Acorn) and two by the same name might create confusion.

Report writen by Manic Man.